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Emotion crystallised

I've started designing and making jewellery as a hobby initially, I carried an interest for metalwork for most of my life. I have a love for geology and the earth sciences, which spurred my interest in terrestrial phenomena and unusual minerals which I now use as inspiration when making my pieces.

I aim to create pieces which are somewhat polarising, and work under the idea of "art first, jewellery second". I tend not to follow industry trends and rather create works that are independently pleasing to look at, grab attention and start conversations.

I started out small, working out of my garage with a small assortment of tools. As the years passed, I found myself with my own studio and an ever growing collection of instruments and a passion that will not (I hope!) cease.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I hope my pieces will meet your expectations and serve you for many years should you decide to commission an order.

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