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Our Values

Jewellery, for us, is a deeply personal item. A sort of extension of ourselves that serves to show our unique experiences and tastes. We wanted this to be our guiding principle; to craft a truly unique, personalised jewellery experience, all while adhering to our values of sustainability and fairness.



Jewellery is personal, we want to emphasise this by making the experience of buying from Kavka highly customisable. We offer personalised messages and pictures in our boxes. Our jewellery can also be customised.


Sustainability underpins all we do. We do not use plastic in our packaging, instead we use recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper. We also do not use animal based products such as some polishing compounds or pearls.

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We choose our suppliers carefully, we do not purchase our raw materials from conflict zones, unethical gem cutting workshops or known suppliers of false resources. We also oppose pearl farming, and as such do not offer pearls in our designs.


Nature has gifted us with beautiful gems, minerals and metals that we use to craft our pieces. We believe that knowing the stories of these natural wonders adds a new dimension to the ownership experience of a rare gem or stone.

Because of this, we include specification sheets and details of the materials in our pieces, both on our website and shipped with our jewellery.

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